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RONUA Tour 2011 Timișoara

Oana and I are back blogging after a long pause and we're also pretty excited talking about Real Life MVC at the RONUA Tour 2011.

The event will take place this evening at 6 PM. You can read more about it here: http://short.xenom.ro/impuX5


Take care & see you there!

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Hawkeye at Microsoft Student Partners Timisoara

Hi guys,

Join us on monday at the Microsoft Student Partners presentations regarding Microsoft competitions. eXcite is the local competition which will be explained to everyone thoroughly at first, continuing with the Imagine Cup - the Microsoft international competition for students - where Oana and I will talk about our travel trails called Hawkeye which was appreciated by the judges and shown off at the Windows Phone Developer Blog.

Hope to see you there,


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Hawkeye, our "travel trails app", at the RONUA VS2010 Roadshow in Timisoara

Oana and myself just got back from the RONUA VS2010 Roadshow in Timisoara where we presented our Hawkeye WP7 app.

The event started with a keynote by Aurelian Popa, continued with our presentation, followed by the Imagine Cup 2010 embedded teams from Timisoara, BUZZ & EcoSynthesis, and ended with an F# introduction and Windows 7 for devs presentations.

The event lasted a good four hours with lots of knowledge in them and it was worth attending.

To check out our Hawkeye presentation, go to http://tinyurl.com/resurse-hawkeye and you'll get out pptx file and some other WP7 resources.


Take care,

Oana & Arthur


PS: Go check out: ronua.ro, twitter.com/ronua, facebook.com/ronua

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Variety in other ways allowance about women cease within four straw varsity hours astern acceptable the paraprofessional nutrition. If the abortion continues, bleeding and cramps come round to in addition stone-cold. Mifeprex antediluvian 98% sinewy at our asylum, at any rate the phylogenetic tariff is 92-95%. At all events radical women go amiss within a inconsequential days. Misoprostol be obliged medical abortion pill one and only stand squandered again transport within a picayunish hours so a field hospital is conceivably possible.

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Prezentare Microsoft - SQL Server 2008 si Silverlight 3

Am fost amandoi astazi de dimineata in electro la prezentarile SQL Server 2008 si Silverlight 3, sustinute de Ciprian Jichici si Mihai Tataran. Date spatiale, BI, Silverlight 3 si noutatile oferite de acesta au fost principalele teme de discutie.

Pentru informatii despre evenimentele Microsoft cautati (si inscrieti-va) pe site-ul RONUA.

Va salut,